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Who doesn’t know about the critical condition of the world? Quarantine Survival Guide is still not under control and continually rising. This was the first outbreak in Wuhan, China. Now this disease recognized as a pandemic by WHO in March 2020. As per the reports of death rate, more than 1, 50,000 people have died with corona till the date globally. After China, Europe (Italy) is the second pandemic country that discovered 82,000 deaths. This has been spread over 60 countries drastically and everyday numbers of deaths recorded in the statistics. Researchers found that after swine flu, Corona (COVID-19) is a dangerous disease ever spread in the world In this article, we will discuss every aspect which you should know about.

Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Guide – A Complete Overview!

Coronavirus (COVID19) is a new dangerous disease spreading worldwide. This illness mainly affects the lungs and causes respiratory issues. This causes respiratory disorders one is SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). It was first investigated in china, Wuhan. It is said that Wuhan is a place where both live and dead animals bought and sold. After growing this virus, Wuhan is sealed now. It is a life-threatening virus that spread easily from one person to another. It is just a communicable disease like a common cold.

According to researchers, it is a group of viruses that cause animals than humans. It is a cold-like disease that shows its changes in 14 days. It is also known as COVID-19, because it was first seen in 2019 but not in humans. The year 2020, 7 Jan it was first found in humans and rest it changes the world into a Quarantine Survival Guide. About 15% to 20% of hospitals were found with a severe acute respiratory syndrome, which killed almost 1500 people in a week. The current death rate is now between 0.7% to 3.4% depending on the place and critical situations.

Doctors said, due to the aggressiveness of Coronavirus, it becomes complicated for them to made vaccines for viruses. It has created a history of deaths, which needs to stop on 31 march, otherwise, this will more aggressive and more deaths will count.

What is the source of Coronavirus?

China is the place where this dangerous illness starts and killing hundreds of people every day. The ultimate source of Corona is Wet market, Wuhan. It is a place both live and dead birds, animals, fish were sold. Now, you can imagine yourself how dangerous this market is. These markets possess a high risk of viruses and dangerous illnesses that generally cause from animals to humans. It was found that the corona was spread by civet cats and camels. Even some say bats are the source of breaking this virus all over the world. Researches say, coronavirus is zoonotic and bats have a high range of zoonotic effects that usually spread disease fastly.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a respiratory disorder so it gives regular symptoms of cold such as:

  • Cold
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sneezing
  • pain in throat
  • respiratory issues

If you are seeing any above symptom then consulting your doctor makes a good sense. This disease has spread almost in all the areas public places, houses, hospitals, etc. thus taking care of yourself is most important. You know that the bulk of cases has been discovered and almost 2000 cases are recorded with SERVS. Experts are giving warnings to everyone and requesting people to take precautions such as wearing a safePro mask, Quarantine Survival Guide, and more.

How quickly symptoms can emerge?

It is said that people can feel symptoms after 10 days of contact with the virus. This can be increased and goes up to 24 days. Well, around 80% of people have recovered easily by treating simple infection medicines, but still, 20% of people left untreated and suffering from Coronavirus. The patients who have low immunity and inflammation easily affected by the virus. Older people were recorded largely in numbers. It hardly requests to everyone wear a protective mask and take care of yourself and loved ones to fight with dangerous diseases and support the nation.

How many people have died with coronavirus?

In recent reports, more than 198,000 people have died with coronavirus since it started. Doctors are saying, the numbers will increase if this will not stop until 31 march. The numbers of cases are now being discovered outside china and countries like Australia, America, Italy, and more.

Today, this virus has spread 100 countries and china saying about 80% of cases are mild which can treat easily, but rest needs hospitalization. Keep in mind it was just an estimate. We do not know the exact rate, but yes the death rate and severity of disease are spreading worldwide hence the death rate varies.

After Italy, the UK is the third country who has recorded 1950 deaths of people so far. The elder person was first noticed in UK of having coronavirus. Police and government both have taken the initiative to protect people and allowing rules in the country for staying hygiene and following protective measures.

Resultant, every public place is closed such as restaurants, pubs, cinemas, and many more. This helps to create peacetime in the city and protect people from various illnesses. The government has advised people to follow no handshake rule and apply sanitizer plus wearing marks before and after doing work outside the house.

A Quarantine Survival Guide remedy for Coronavirus:

Till the date, there is no specific medicine, vaccine, and treatment is introduced. The aggressive of COVID19 is spreading worldwide thus scientists putting their days and nights to develop strong antidote but still failed. Moreover, the scientist has used existing drugs for HIV and Ebola, but there is uncertainty about its working. The work is going rapidly, but it looks complicated because the virus enters its second stage.

If you are looking for an answer on how long you will have to wait then we cannot say anything about it. Doctors and scientists are doing great, and hope they will come with the best medication.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus with Quarantine Survival Guide?

As we all know, no medication is discovered until the date. So it is better to stay healthy by protecting ourselves by using the following precautions frequently in our day to day life.

  • The virus can spread easily when small droplets are produced while cough and sneezing on the surface. So it is vital to use sanitizer before touching the surface, eating food, and more.
  • The scientists have discovered, the virus spread after getting close contact with people. So it is best to keep distance while talking or to opt NAMASTEY slogan while greeting anybody.
  • Wash your hands with a liquid hand wash frequently.
  • Drink a warm glass of water in a day to kill bad bacteria
  • Wear mask on the mouth while going outside
  • Keep yourself covered with clothes
  • Cancel your travel plans and stay at home

What governments are doing to protect people from Coronavirus?

Almost all countries are on Red Alert and they are doing their best to protect their people from this illness. The WHO has announced its Quarantine Survival Guide. Moreover, for the security measures the government has taken the following steps:

  • All public places will remain close until 31 march.
  • Spreading messages on the internet
  • Alerting people
  • Proving various health facilities to the patients

Well, there is one point we need to clear that coronavirus is a serious disease so it is important to follow the precaution and follow the methods given by the government.

How to control serious coronavirus by using Quarantine Survival Guide?

With the recent reports on deaths, more than 44,000 cases are outbreak by China in which 80% are mild, rest are serious and need quick treatment. Overall 14% population in the world is suffering from corona and it becomes serious for those who have pneumonia and breathe related diseases.

Generally, 0.7% of folks are critical over the world. As per WHO, china recoded a 2-3% death rate which is more than of expectation. Well, it is unclear why deaths are occurring in such large numbers, but as s human being it’s your duty to stay protective and protect others around you.

Men and women are more likely to increase in these numbers because of low immunity and poor disease like blood sugar, heart disease, etc.

Coronavirus comparison with past respiratory disease:

In the modern history of the disease, HIN1 Virus is the worst pandemic which has causes almost 100 million deaths in the world. This same as Swine Flu has caused 575,400 people in the world. But Coronavirus breaks the history of deaths and killing 700 people in the world.

It will still rise and all are doing their great efforts to take control of this pandemic. You should come and be part of the world’s saviour.

Wrapping Up:

No one can stop the deaths, but we can stay healthy by just considering some basic health precautions. So Quarantine Survival Guide is advisable to everyone please stand out and do take care of your health own. There are plenty of precautions you can take off, but make sure you if you are having a symptom in your body then please seek doctor advice immediately.